Cop dog Astro finds grass on his turf


Astro finds cannabis

On Wednesday, plain clothes police officers patrolled Sunnyside Mall, Murwillumbah, with Astro the drug-sniffing dog.

Astro found cannabis leaf packed into a backpack, in a shopping trolley.

Police said a 31-year-old man admitted the cannabis leaf belonged to him, for medicinal use.

Police destroyed the cannabis and gave the man a cannabis caution, which results in no criminal record and no penalty.

Breath test refused

At midnight on Thursday a 42-year-old woman reversed her Silver Land-Tover Discovery 4WD into a car on Tweed St, Brunswick Heads.

Witnesses said the driver appeared intoxicated.

She refused to give police a breath test at the scene of the collision.

She was taken to the Brunswick Police Station where she continued to refuse a breath test.

She will appear before Byron Bay Court for refusing a breath test.

The maximum fine for refusing a breath test is $1,100, but the court also has the option of disqualifying the driver.

Refused entry

An intoxicated man was refused entry to Woody's Surf Shack at Byron Bay on Friday night for arguing with security.

After being booted out of the club at 8.44pm, he returned to the venue again at 10:26pm when police said a "scuffle ensued".

The man was given a fine and moved on.

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