Cop cleared of theft

A NORTHERN Rivers police officer has been the subject of an investigation over the handling of money seized during a drug raid.

On January 5, 2010, NSW Police received a complaint that an officer had stolen cash.

The Northern Star understands the complaint involved the officer allegedly pocketing money during a drug raid in the main street of Nimbin.

The money was returned and recorded in an exhibits log book a day or two after the raid. But a complaint about the misconduct had already been filed.

The officer was moved to another police station while the investigation was under way.

The Professional Standards Command was involved in the two-year investigation.

The investigation wrapped up at the end of last year and found the problem was merely an "exhibit handling" issue rather than a theft.

"On the 5 January 2010, an allegation was received in relation to the theft of an undisclosed amount of money at Nimbin," a NSW Police spokesperson said.

"As a result, this matter was investigated by members of the Professional Standards Command.

"The allegation of theft was not sustained to the criminal standard. An issue in relation to exhibit handling/receipting of property procedures was.

"An outcome to this investigation involved the movement of an officer to Lismore, which would allow him greater mentoring by senior officers.

The Northern Star asked why the man retained his position. Last night police media said: "The officer was not charged with a criminal offence. Some issues arose during the investigation which resulted in him being provided with additional supervision and guidance. Those issues did not warrant termination of his employment."

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