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Construction Workers Need Gears to Ensure Site Safety and Protection

Heavy manual labor and danger are every construction worker’s companion inside the job site. They know that each time they set foot on that site, their lives are already at risk. Construction industry is on top of the list when it comes to fatal injuries cases. We have heard news of accidents and deaths in construction sites due to negligence and lack of safety gears. By all means, we don’t want this to happen to our construction workers who are working hard to earn a living and have families to feed. Therefore, we have to protect them from head to toe.

Protect the head with a hard hat

Obviously, accidents always happen inside the construction sites. You will never know when will an object fall or bump your head to solid objects. While these are inevitable realities, hard hats of excellent and dependable quality will ensure protection of our construction workers. The hard hat is the first and vital gear that shield them from falling objects and help them avoid direct contact with other materials. It will also cover them from the heat of the sun and possible rain, and accidental electric shock.

Protect the ears with earplugs or earmuffs

A construction worker’s hearing should always be sharp in the site. Since it is vital to have an active sense of audition at all times, it is also important to protect their ears from extreme noise caused by different equipment. High, loud sounds can damage the hearing so this must be put into consideration, especially for those who are assigned to areas exposed to such hazard.

Protect the face and the eyes with safety protectors

Depending on the kind of construction work they are assigned to, extreme precaution should always be taken into consideration. In the job site, it is expected that the workers will have to deal with various particles that may put their face and eyes in danger. There are safety gears designed for the face and eyes to help construction workers avoid exposing them to dangerous elements, including dust, hazardous chemicals, and airborne flecks that could cause harm.

Protect the hands with gloves

Much of the construction workers’ jobs require them to use their hands, so it is only advisable to provide them with gloves ideal to their specific job. There are several types of gloves—like rubber gloves, welding gloves, insulated gloves, and others—available for each job. The gloves will protect them from lesions, chemical burns, and other forms of injuries due to handling of different construction materials. The gloves should comfortably fit the workers to ensure that they could perform their duties well and avoid further risks.

Protect the feet with safety footwear

Well, we don’t expect oilfield tanks running in a construction site but definitely heavy equipment and unexpected falling objects are always present. Therefore, construction workers should wear safety shoes or boots. Ideally, those with soles that are slip and puncture resistant.

When working in such hazardous environment, accidents really happen. But the best thing to do to avoid them is gear up and be cautious, observe site guidelines, and wear safety gears at all times, and wear highly visible suits.

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