Old Dave is no slave to a wave.
Old Dave is no slave to a wave.

Consistent south swell to continue

WHILE shooting on Tuesday afternoon I heard the rumbles of what felt like it could be a nasty little storm, so I packed up the gear and headed home.

I wasn't wrong, folks in traffic on the west side of Byron copped a hammering from the hail, as did a few earlier on in the afternoon at Evans Head.

It's a good reminder storm season has arrived. With these hot humid northerlies being pushed into quick moving cold southerly fronts, we've pretty much got the perfect scenario for hail.

Keep your eyes to the sky folks and be aware of that deep grey-green tinge in the clouds.

If you've never been caught out in the water in a hail storm, believe me when I tell you, it's no fun at all, it is many dings and even more bruises, but fun it is not.

As for the waves, well we've actually been just a little spoilt this week.

Jeremy, blazing.
Jeremy, blazing. Inbyronbaytodaycom

There's been a reasonably consistent pulse of south swell early in the week. Plus some kind of okay north-east wind swell over the past two days.

Now if the maps are even halfway accurate it appears that there may be even be a little more on the way.

It's shaping up right now for a mix of south-east wind swell to stack on top of a small underlying southerly groundswell. This should start to arrive later today. Tomorrow the wind swell will begin to swing east to north-east during the afternoon while the underlying southerly groundswell will continue to arrive.

Saturday we can expect SE swell 1-1.5m with possible bigger sneaker sets on the southern beaches.

It may be too southerly for the north-facing points.

Sadly the wind is forecast to be E/NE around 10kts, however, my gut feeling is there may be a little light offshore early in the morning.

Sunday we'll see that wind swell swing E/NE as well, yet the S groundswell should also maintain its push. Add to this a W/NW 15-20kts wind in the morning.

Then things just might get interesting in the southern-facing corners as these two swells cross up.

Granted none of this sounds magnificent, but it's a whole lot better than what we normally get at this time of year, so get among it while it lasts.

Remember to have fun, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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