Community doubles snakebite victim's Gofundme target

THE generous donations of 944 people from across Queensland and Australia has helped raise double the target for two-year-old snakebite victim Eli.

In just four days $41,250 has been donated, more than double the original target of $20,000. 
Strangers have shown a massive outpouring of support for the Agnes Water toddler who was bitten by Australia's most venomous snake last Sunday.

His parents have updated the public that their toddler has been left with brain damage but are unsure of the extent.

Eli's mother, Brittany Cervantes, updated his condition via there GoFundMe page earlier this week.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all off your well wishes, prayers, positive vibes, and optimism," Mrs Cervantes wrote.

"Eli is no longer considered 'fighting for his life'.

"Our amazingly strong little man is off ventilation and prepping for a move out of ICU and into a neurology ward."

The future for Eli is not yet clear, as he suffered brain damage after going into cardiac arrest and was deprived of oxygen.

"We won't know the extent until he starts to come to a bit more," Mrs Cervantes wrote.

"He is very sensitive at the moment, very easily over stimulated."

Mrs Cervantes said neurology specialists were teaming up to run all necessary tests and start Eli's rehabilitation as soon as possible.

"The area of his brain that has been affected the most is the occipital lobe, responsible for interpreting what he sees, so our spectrum is from Eli being unable to recognise objects, to hallucinations, to blindness," she wrote.

Eli may also have some motor function impairment but to what extent is unclear

"We also have no expectations.

"We are now ready to walk this path with our little boy, the past is the past and he is changed forever. So are we," Mrs Cervantes wrote.

The rehabilitation may take weeks or months.

This whole event has really shown us the capacity of the human spirit and seeing so many people come together to help another has been truly a blessing in disguise," she wrote.

"But you'll never learn anything until faced with adversity and uncertainty, this is when we see who we really are."

"Even though our son has experienced these changes, and so have we, he remains our biggest teacher."

A GoFundMe page was set up by a friend of the family, Blake Hyland, to help them on the long road to Eli's recovery.

"I work in emergency services and hearing of the ordeal sent a shockwave through our small, tight-knit community," Mr Hyland said.

"It is a situation that could of easily happened to my family or any other young families that live in rural Australia."

He said Eli's family had dropped everything to be by his side, almost 500km away.

Funds raised for his medical bills and recovery will be deposited into the family's bank account.

Donate here.

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