UPDATE 5.20PM: Judging by some of the feedback on the streets of Nimbin, those well-paid advertising executives still can't quite get Nimbin right.

Admittedly, the poster is full of irony, but there's one detail that scored almost unanimous non-acclaim from Nimbin residents: the male model's perfect teeth.

While they wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Bondi, Hemp Embassy president Michael Balderstone was frank in saying they weren't quite fitting for Nimbin. 

"You can't have people with good teeth," he joked.

Mr Balderstone shared the image with Nim FM presenter Bob Tissot in a live-on-air chat, and when Mr Tissot noticed the dental discrepancy himself there were belly laughs all round.

But his take on the words "home of the superfreaks" was more philosophical. 

"I don't mind that," he said.

"The longer I live here I realise we are the weirdos - I did think we were normal and the mainstream was weird, but obviously they think we're the oddbods."

Others were not as chilled about the prose, with opinions ranging from "cliched", "unreal", to "horrible". 

Matt Cook from Nimbin Hardware suggested the wording be changed to "superfreaks come visit", instead of "home of the superfreaks". 

Tribal Magic's Peter Lawrence said: "If it's a one-off just for Tropical Fruits I don't think it'll do too much damage... but I wouldn't like to see the term superfreaks exclusively focused on Nimbin."

Kay Wood said she had "never seen a super freak in my community that looks like that".   

"We've got lots of beautiful girls in our town why can't they on the front of our brochure?"

Anna Whittaker said the dude "looks like he's from Melbourne".   

INITIAL: THE theme of this year's Tropical Fruits New Year's Eve Party is Superfreaks, and Nimbin has jokingly got in on the act.

In an advertisement within the Tropical Fruits pamphlet, the alternative mecca has been referred to as the "home of the real superfreaks" in a bid to get punters from Tropical Fruits to pay the town a visit while in Lismore.

Quirky hippies

The page three ad shows a quirky looking hippy dude smiling and pointing to the words "Nimbin: home of the real superfreaks. Visit the website for more super freaky goodness."

Lismore City Council tourism coordinator Mitch Lowe said the ad was part of Nimbin's new marketing campaign - its largest ever - launching this Sunday.

Stage one of the campaign is features a major push into travel websites Wotif and Expedia. Wotif has almost 1 million visitors a month and visitors to the sites will be able to access up to 40 unique deals to the town.

Byron, come to Nimbin

There is also a push into Byron Shire to encourage more Byron travellers to come out to Nimbin.

A second phase of the campaign will kick off early in the new year with a new touring map for coastal travellers coming into the hinterland and waypoints and information on stops along the way between the coast and Nimbin.

They campaign is also experiment ting with "sound trail" technology, where visitors can download an app which will give an audio overview of significant places when they walk or drive past.

Being Creative

"Nimbin's not a traditional destination so we're trying to be creative as we can to encourage people to come and look around," Mr Lowe said.

"The aim is to entice people come to Nimbin and encourage people to spend a bit more time and money in the village."

Mr Lowe noted the "superfreaks" ad is a one-off designed specifically to relate to this year's Tropical Fruits theme.  Other ads are target different audiences, such as the health and well-being market, in a different style and tone.

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