SEE ME CREATE: Artist Laslo Biro in his art studio in Fairy Hill.
SEE ME CREATE: Artist Laslo Biro in his art studio in Fairy Hill. Susanna Freymark

Getting fired up about creativity

WHEN Laszlo and Julie Biro take a drive, they don't have a destination in mind.

On their road trips either in the car or on their three-wheeled motorbike, they take turns deciding whether to go left or right at the end of a road.

This driving adventure is one of the ways Laszlo lives his life in a creative way.

His creative philosophy is evident in his home. The interior walls are painted in bright pink, baby blue, yellow and orange. His large canvas paintings of cows are just as bright.

Laszlo's sculptures and glass works adorn the walls and their miniature black poodle, Robert, jumps around the house as if matching the vibrant colours with his energy.

Lazslo was born in Hungary and has lived in many places. His family was forced to leave their homeland and come to Australia when he was a child as his father was "an intellectual" and under threat in the Hungarian uprising.

"My journey is all about where I am going. The past is only good in so far as it made you what you are today," Laszlo said at his home in Fairy Hill.

At almost 70 years of age, Laszlo is fired up about creativity.

"I feel like I'm just getting started," he said.

His wife Julie takes care of managing his website, dealing with customers and marketing.

"She frees me up from the day-to-day stuff," he said.

"My head can be in the clouds."

In his studio next to the house, his tools, kilns and artworks in progress are organised. There is glass being fired, ceramic pieces belonging to larger pieces, pelicans and wrens painted onto glass standing in racks and paintings of pumpkin competitions.

Despite his work hanging in galleries including Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Port Douglas and in the Hungarian National Gallery, plus the demand for commissioned work, he refuses to describe himself as an artist.

"I'm not an artist. I'm just a person who lives creatively," he said. " I cannot conceive of living any other way."

In the past Laszlo has been a teacher, computer programmer and he was an executive for Telstra, which was "very boring".

In his home studio, Laszlo spends his days painting, writing, sculpting and creating.

"The day starts with excitement," he said.

"In the creative process, you have to understand the difference between the brain and the mind."

He explained in detail why this mattered so much.

"The mind is comprehensive and the brain is detailed," he said.

"You have to get them to work together.

"The brain's function is to make sense of everything and the mind looks at the bigger picture."

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