Natalie Purcell from Byron Detox Retreats.
Natalie Purcell from Byron Detox Retreats. The Northern Rivers

Colonic invention to put women on detox map

AUSTRALIANS have prided themselves on being the first to achieve many things. It was the ingenuity of Aussies that bought us latex gloves, the electric drill, prepaid postage and the wine cask, just to name a few.

Now the names of two Northern Rivers women, Natalie Purcell and Sarah Foley, from Byron Bay Detox Retreats, are set to go down in history as the inventors of the world's first mobile colonic irrigation unit.

Colonic irrigation, for those of you not in the know, is the gentle art of flushing the bowel with water. The procedure is done to aid detoxification.

The mobile unit, which took a month to fit out, will be used to offer the procedure to people on retreats and will be also available for house calls.

Ms Purcell, of Lennox Head, said she had been always passionate about detoxification.

“I did my first detox when I was 18 in Thailand (14 years ago),” she said.

Ms Purcell said the experience left her full of energy and vitality.

“It was a profound experience,” she said.

“My mind was clearer and I felt very light.”

During the procedure, a small rectal tube is used to flush the bowel while the patient lies on a moulded bed. Up to seven kilograms of faecal matter can be extracted as water passes up into the whole of the large intestine.

This may not sound quite your cup of tea, but Ms Purcell insisted people found the procedure very relaxing.

Generally, she said, this was after they got over their initial squeamishness.

Die-hard colonics fans are even able to keep an eye on the tube to see exactly what is coming out of their system.

Ms Purcell and Ms Foley had their colonics caravan specially fitted-out in Sydney so clients can experience the 40- minute procedure in optimum comfort. She said everybody should do a detox at least once a year.

“When you detox it is important to have colonics as well, because the toxins being passed can be trapped in the bowel,” she said.

Both women are qualified naturopaths and Ms Foley is a resident naturopath at Olivia Newton John's Gaia Retreat and Spa. As well as colonics, the women also offer supervised fasting, massage, body work, yoga and meditation.

For more information visit their website

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