Collecting rubbish has its merits

West Ballina’s David Green with a collection of things he has found on the road.
West Ballina’s David Green with a collection of things he has found on the road. Graham Broadhead

THERE is value in picking up rubbish.

Just ask David Green, from West Ballina.

Of course, there are the environmental and safety benefits of removing metal objects from the road, but in the four years the 77-year-old has been doing his daily 9km or so walk from his Riverbend home to the Ballina newsagency, he has collected a full set of spanners, picked up a silver bracelet valued at $300, and gold and silver jewellery.

Last year, he picked up about $100 in cash. But he had to spend some of that money taking some of the junk he has collected to the Ballina tip; something he wasn't too happy about.

Other pieces he has put together to create scrap art.

Mr Green said he first started picking up metal pieces off the road because of their potential danger if they were to be flicked up by a passing vehicle and hit a pedestrian.

He has seen a car windscreen broken just that way.

Since then, it's more curiosity about what he could find that kept him collecting the junk.

And he constantly gets a surprise.

"You've got no idea of the variety of rubbish on the road," he said.

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