Wally Lewis calls for end to violence at Cole Miller rally

AN EMOTIONAL Wally Lewis has called for an end to street violence in the wake of the former-Sunshine Coast teen Cole Miller's death.

A huge crowd gathered in the Brisbane CBD to condemn one punch attacks and call for an end to violence on Queensland streets.

Lewis, who knew the Miller family through water polo, said "cowardly" acts of violence on nights out had to stop.
"It has to stop. It must stop and we demand it does right now," he said.

"We've had enough. It's not fair. It's not right. And it's not going to continue."

Cole's brother Billy said the outpouring of support had "overwhelmed" the Miller family.

"It was about to be Cole's time to shine. Cole was about to live out his dreams with his family and friends by his side.

Whether Cole knew it or not, he has made a special impact on all our lives," he said.

Armstong Renata and Daniel Maxwell , the two men accused of Cole's death, remain in custody facing a charge of unlawful striking causing death.

A HUGE crowd has gathered in Brisbane's King George Square to rally against one punch violence and remember Sunshine Coast man Cole Miller.

Dressed in green, hundreds turned out to say no to "coward punches" like the one which killed Mr Miller.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad was the first to address the crowd, which swelled even as the sun scorched the concreted square.

She said everyone in society was responsible for their own actions.

Cole Miller's brother Billy said the family's message was one of "love and respect" in the face of their shared tragedy.

He said Queenslanders should never have to fear about a loved one going out and having a good time with their friends.


Thousands turned out to honour Cole Miller and demand an end to coward punches.
Thousands turned out to honour Cole Miller and demand an end to coward punches. Geoff Egan


"Too many people have died in violent street incidents," he said.

The family, he said, has been "overwhelmed" by the community support following Cole's death, after he was attacked and killed in an altercation while in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.

Rugby league legend Wally Lewis, who knew the Miller family through water polo, will speak at the rally.


Cole Miller died last month after being king hit in Fortitude Valley.
Cole Miller died last month after being king hit in Fortitude Valley. Photo: Facebook


What you said on Facebook today

Marcus Eriksen:
Respect for others, some more empathy and behaving like gentlemen and ladies, if we had more of that you would reduce road rage, domestic violence and these "coward" punches.  

Doesn't matter how much alcohol you've had if you are a lady or a gentleman you won't strike anyone or abuse anyone or spit on anyone.

At birth you have no choice, you're born male/female, you grow up to be a man/woman but being a gentleman or a lady is a matter of choice.

Unfortunately being chivalrous, caring for others and being softly spoken, courteous and thoughtful the traits of a gentleman are not respected in current Australian Society so you get this type of thuggery occurring daily (shrugs shoulders).

Brock Harrison: 
Spending lots of time & money educating and raising kids.

Holding politicians accountable for their childish and abhorrent behaviour.

Showing young people that all lives matter by changing the socio-economic system that favours the rich over the poor.

Lead by example

Russell Garrard
By holding bullying offenders accountable in schools and to stop punishing the victims of bullying. 

Stop it in the schools and it won't carry over into society.

Scott Landry: 
Minimum 30 yrs if convicted no bail anything less is an insult to the poor families

Jared Lawlor: 
Remove the Ego power driven society and turn into a love and compassion driven society

Ash Platz:
Mandatory jail sentences.

Brendan Drysdale:
Harsher penalties, no bail! No excuses

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