Still cold in November: Where's the warm weather?

Prevention is often better than a cure and there are alternatives to pharmaceuticals.
Prevention is often better than a cure and there are alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Dirima

WHEN is the Northern Rivers summer going to kick in?

November, for the past week at least, has had residents in jumpers - an unusual clothing item for this time of year.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the lowest recorded temperatures for November this year have been lower than previous month October's daily recorded lowest temperatures on most days.

The lowest recorded temperature for Lismore this month was recorded as 11.3C on November 1 and the highest low was recorded as 17.9C on November 5 .

November's average minimum temperature from 2002 to 2017 was recorded as 15.5C , and the average maximum temperature was 28.7C .

For Lismore, temperatures today are predicted to reach a maximum of 24C, but may get as low as a cool 14C.

Lismore's average daily maximum for all years was recorded as 28.7C.

Closer to the coast, the average for the lowest temperature in November for Byron Bay was recorded as 14.7C and 16.6C for Ballina.

BoM Forecaster Jiwon Parke said the temperatures will remain steady for the next couple of days.

"Temperatures for the past few days have ranged from 21-24 degrees," he said.

"Towards Thursday temperatures may rise by a degree or two because the wind will become more northerly from easterly."

Temperatures for Byron Bay are predicted to reach a maximum of 23C today and Wednesday, rising to 25C on Friday and the weekend.

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