The latest fad, coffee in a cone.
The latest fad, coffee in a cone. Javier Encalada

Coffee in a cone: Byron trends about to go viral

THERE are some weird and whacky food fads out there, and it seems Byron Bay might be leading the way with a few of their offerings.

One of the latest fads is a doozy. Coffee in a cone. Yes, hot delicious coffee served in a chocolate lined waffle cone. And, you can get it at Espresso Head cafe. Apparently - I know this because it said so on the sign - it is the world's most instagrammable coffee. Now that's some kudos.

I reckon the Allpress iced flat mac might give it a run for it's money.

Available at Sparrow Cafe in Byron Bay and Bangalow, it's a shot of espresso poured over ice, topped with Australian macadamia milk.

Georgia from the cafe said it is worth crossing town for the drink, one "that is more elegant and subtle than you thought an iced flat white could be".

There's the beetroot and turmeric lattes that have taken the town by storm ... but that was so last month, you can even get them in Newcastle now.

If you are hankering for one, then pop in to Combi.

So cool and ahead of trend is this establishment, that if you are old fashioned and like traditional cow's milk, you are in the wrong place, it's just not on the menu.

Another delight you can find at Combi, is butter coffee. It has coconut oil and butter.. mmmmmm.

Going one step further is bulletproof coffee.

It is kind of the same thing, but instead of plain old coconut oil, it has brain octane oil. Sounds fancy, but is just all the good bits of the coconut oil condensed.

Claims are when you mix high-quality coffee beans with the right fats, "you get an amazing drink that stomps on hunger and cravings, banishes brain fog, and helps you lose weight, build muscle, and increase focus and performance". In short, a miracle drink.

If you do have milk, then it needs to be on the side so you can add it yourself, and if you really want to keep up with Byronians, just put avocado, coconut oil or matcha in everything.

The macro bowl has been around for a while, but remains on trend. Pop some wild rice or some other exotic grain in a bowl, throw in some vegies, some protein and a healthy fat like avocado or hummus, then put a $50 price tag on it, and you have a macro bowl.

And let's not even talk about regular old batter. It's a bit passe in Byron, it needs to be tempura darling.

Most importantly, it must be instagrammable. It doesn't matter how it tastes, it has to look good - kind of sums up Byron really.

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