Clunes residents to get stand-alone sewage plant

IT has been 10 years in the making, but last night Lismore City Council finally gave the go-ahead to a stand-alone waste water and sewage plant at Clunes.

In a unanimous vote, the council backed the community-supported idea and rejected using pipes to link the village to Lismore's sewage works.

“We are hoping Clunes will become a bit of a showcase,” said Councillor Vanessa Ekins, who sat on the working committee for the new waste water plant.

“I would like to see all our villages independent in terms of water and sewerage, and as more areas get developed it's important that we do have these options.”

The council spent $50,000 on a study on piping the sewage to Lismore, but discovered that it would need three pumping stations, including one in Bexhill, and 13 air vents in North and South Lismore. The pipes would also need to cross numerous creeks.

According to council papers, the pipeline – or scenario B – would have cost an additional $8 million and used significantly more energy and produced higher levels of greenhouse missions.

Cr Ekins said the innovative treatment plant would use worms to help decompose waste matter, with waste water used for irrigation.

She said the new system was required because numerous Clunes properties had problems with their septic systems, but were unable to fix them due to their relatively small blocks.

The council has still to strike new rates for the village to pay for the system.

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