Clunes raises a stink over sewerage levy

CLUNES has been waiting a long time for

a sewerage system; after all, the village was founded in the 1800s.

Since then it seems not much has changed for the hill-top hideaway when it comes to how it gets rid of its waste.

Lismore City Council officers have decided that Clunes, which has a population of about 500, is not a priority when it comes to a sewerage system and will ask councillors to instead focus their waning finances on Lismore’s sewerage system, which is at breaking point.

Every council has to prioritise with its budget, but what really stinks about this mess is that Clunes residents are being slugged, and have been slugged quite substantially, for a sewerage system that is yet

to be built.

In 2008-09, Clunes ratepayers were hit with a $209 annual sewerage charge, while this financial year that almost doubled to $400.

The council looks likely to delay construction of the sewerage system for two years, despite new subdivisions going into the village, which has been capped at a population of 1000.

This is despite a report that was completed in 2000, saying that of the 145 septic systems inspected at Clunes, 127 were unsatisfactory.

It is believed the council will now suspend the sewerage charges levied on Clunes ratepayers, and so they should.

It also seems only fair that the council should now refund the money it has already taken from the community’s ratepayers.

Otherwise a stench most foul will continue to come from the small village.

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