Clean sheet over mop assault

AN OVERJOYED Nimbin businesswoman, Caroline Scott-Brydges, was so pleased when a Lismore District Court judge quashed her conviction for an assault on a Nimbin man with a broken mop handle, that she thanked him profusely.

“Thank you your honour, thank you so much,” Mrs Scott-Brydges said to Judge James Black yesterday.

“Don't thank me I am just doing a job,” Judge Black said.

“But you did it properly sir,” Mrs Scott-Brydges replied, following her successful appeal against a Lismore magistrate's decision in February.

She had been found guilty of assaulting two-metre tall Nimbin identity Alanthium with a broken mop handle.

The Nimbin Coffee House owner admitted to cracking Alanthium once on his head with the timber handle, maintaining it was done only in self-defence during a disagreement between the pair over the 67-year-old businesswoman's mopping of a passageway between her cafe and the tattoo and body piercing studio owned by his partner Sharon Rogers.

The incident took place on April 5, 2008, with Alanthium, a solid 110kg giant, calling her 'a psycho-bitch'- words used in court by Mrs Scott-Brydges and told by Alanthium to an investigating Lismore police officer.

Alanthium did not attend the appeal.

Judge Black said there had not been much consideration by the magistrate that Mrs Scott-Brydges struck Alanthium because she thought he was going to hit her after he grabbed her mop and snapped its handle after previously stating he felt the wet mop against the back of his head when he walked past.

In evidence her husband Garry Scott-Brydges said that in 39 years of marriage 'I have never seen Caroline get violent'.

Outside Lismore Courthouse Mrs Scott-Brydges said she would now burn the mop handle that had caused her so much grief.

“I'm very happy. I have a clean slate and my good name back,” she said.

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