Claws out for road rage driver

A YOUNG driver scared the living daylights out of a fellow motorist when he whipped out his Wolverine-like claw during a road rage incident.

Yesterday, Ross Leonard Thompson got a fright himself when a Maroochydore magistrate made him sit in the back of the court while he decided his punishment.

Prosecutor Rick Pallister told Maroochydore Magistrates Court the 18-year-old pulled out the “metal glove with three pointed blades” because the other driver was braking too much.

“(The victim) was scared by what he saw and believed it was very dangerous,” Mr Pallister said.

“Mr Thompson said he was angry at the victim for applying his brakes so often.”

He told police he caught up with the other driver to “scare him” with the glove.

Solicitor Andrew Bernville-Claye told the court his client was a metal fabricator.

“His friend had made a wooden weapon like that and he decided to make it a project to make it with steel,” he said.

“He has used his skills and ability in the wrong vein.

“He realises what he did was very, very stupid.

“The driver in front slammed on his brakes.

“He came parallel to him to make a gesture with the item he made.”

Magistrate Allan Taylor said if Mr Thompson had had any history he could have been jailed “outright” but, after mulling over the case, he took Mr Thompson’s youth and immaturity into account.

Mr Thompson was ordered to complete a 12-month good behaviour bond.

“The (victim) has felt sufficiently intimidated about your behaviour and sufficiently affronted by it to report it to police,” Mr Taylor said.

“This is the sort of behaviour that adds to a culture of fear, or apprehension, of what might be coming for them. Your behaviour was ill-considered and immature.”

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