Sam blasting one of the beachies
Sam blasting one of the beachies Inbyronbaytodaycom

Classy acts at Malibu Classic

OKAY, first cab off the rank for this long weekend would have to be the Evans Head Malibu Classic held at main beach Evans Head.

The event starts tomorrow and runs through until Monday. I can tell you from personal experience, it's a fun family-focused event, and well worth the drive to Evans for the spectators.

This is one of those surprising little regional comps. There's not that much media hype around it, yet the level of surfing is often world class.

You'll see some fine surfing in all divisions from a multitude of former Australian champs. But also pay very close attention to the Women's, Loggers and Old Mal divisions at this comp because, you'll see some of the best talent currently on offer in the longboard scene.

Now to the forecast. There will be some swell, but the question is how much?

Evan hauling it around.
Evan hauling it around.

Saturday will have more sneaker sets in the mix on the open beaches but Sunday could be more consistent although smaller.

Monday, well it's a toss-up, and the coin could land either way. There is another pulse of south swell forecast to arrive. It will be long period (13-18secs) and it's the product of a monster system down south beyond our continent.

The big question is, will it stay in deep water and sweep straight past us, or will it refract a little and send us some waves from the edge of the main swell train? Only time will tell on that one.

But I'll hazard a guess that we'll see at least 1m from it on the open beaches while the north-facing beaches could almost appear flat.

The winds at this time of year are notoriously difficult to predict, however, as it stands right now it looks something like this. Saturday SW to NE 10-15kts. Sunday W/NW to N 5-10kts and Monday W/NW to N/NE 5-15kts.

There's a caveat on Monday's forecast as another southerly change works its way up the coast. If it arrives early we could see a late wind change to the south. If it stalls we could see the northerlies increase to 20-30kts in the afternoon.

The bottom line this weekend is get up early with the westerlies and hit the open beaches to catch the south swell.

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