Quality of Clarence cattle 'stands up anywhere in Australia'

IT WAS a busy week at the Grafton cattle sales, with around 5000 head of cattle yarded across four sales last week.

Farrell McCrohon stock agent David Farrell said despite the dry weather, the market was holding strong.

"Every cattle producer would be happy with how the market is," he said.

"Just compared to 18 months ago, cattle were selling for less than half the cost they are now, so any producer is going to be happy with that."

Ray Donovan stock agent Mitch Donovan said the sale was very strong across the Tuesday Fat Sale and Thursday Store Sale, but starting to show signs of falling from its peak.

"Once we get to March, there's two things that happen," he said.

"Winter season is in the back of producers' minds, so a majority of cattle is looking to be at their best potential and need to offload them, as they're as good as they're going to be before the goodness goes out of the feed, and it's a little bit drier in the Clarence."

Mr Donovan said cattle sales across NSW this time of year result in more weaners on the market, with the increase in supply putting downward pressure on the market.

"We started to see a price correction after Christmas for export cattle, and the end of last year was it's peak so it's come off a bit since then, but it's holding quite firm," he said.

"It's not going backwards, which is a good sign that it's found the right level. If it stays where it is, it's viable for everybody, so there are some good signs coming out of the market."

Mr Farrell said the quality of the cattle being produced in the Clarence Valley is an encouraging sign.

"The quality would stand up anywhere in Australia," he said.

"It's of a very high standard, so producers get a pat on the back."

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