Christmas ruined by roadside drug test

CHRISTMAS has been ruined for a Casino man and his family after he tested positive, then negative on a roadside drug test and lost thousands of dollars after being suspended from work.

Father of two Adam Smith said he can't pay his mortgage or buy his family Christmas presents after being pulled over while driving to work on August 2 for a roadside drug test which was initially positive.

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The 38-year-old said he had a clean driving record and no criminal history.

"In the van I was tested again and questioned by police," he said.

"The second test returned a negative result.

"The police told me that I was not under any DUI charge and told me my sample would be sent to a lab in Sydney for further testing and I should hear something within eight weeks."

So when he received an infringement notice for $461.00 on December 2, 16 weeks after he was pulled over he was stunned, and immediately sought legal advice.

"The lawyers rang the court who said I had been fined and my licence had been suspended for 3 months," Mr Smith said.

"Apparently I was supposed to go to court on 23 November 2015.

"I was unaware of this as I had not received any letters or phone calls from either the police or the court."

Because he hadn't received any letters about the suspension, Mr Smith had been driving for weeks effectively uninsured because of his suspension.

Due to the suspension, Mr Smith could not continue in his role as a disability support worker and he was suspended from work without pay.

"I have lost thousands of dollars in income, I am forced to halt mortgage repayments and delay payment of other bills, my reputation at work has been tarnished, and am too scared to drive my car despite the RMS saying my licence is currently valid and I am ok to drive," he said.

"I have been experiencing much anxiety and depression due to this situation.

"I can't afford to pay for Christmas presents for my children."

Mr Smith will apply for a section 4 annulment of his conviction at Lismore Local Court tomorrow.

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