MUSIC Kate Miller-Heidke is coming to perform in Byron Bay on February 2016.
MUSIC Kate Miller-Heidke is coming to perform in Byron Bay on February 2016.

Christmas charity song brings a hairy message

AUSTRALIAN singer Kate Miller-Heidke has released a Christmas charity single that has got people talking.

The song is called I'm Growing a Beard Downstairs for Christmas.

Yes, you read that right.

The song is about keeping your downstairs area go wild during the silly season.

The tune is performed as a duet with novelty music band The Beards, who only sings songs about hair, mostly facial.

Al proceeds for the single will go to Bowel Cancer Australia.

Ever since Kate covered You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man on stage at the 2012 APRA Awards, and The Beards accompanied Kate on her Nightflight album tour, fans have been clamouring for a collaboration.

Well, technically, one person asked on Twitter.

The song

She invited lead singer Johann Beardraven, his trusty saxophone in hand, into the studio to make bearded, innuendo-laden magic.

The result is I'm Growing A Beard Downstairs For Christmas by Kate Miller-Heidke featuring The Beards, a Christmas single like no other.

Not many songs address the serious issues of 'manscaping' and 'clamscaping', but this song does it with a smile.

It delivers its important personal grooming message with jangling sleigh bells and ding-dongs merrily on high - not to mention a touch of 1980's power ballad sax.

Miller-Heidke said she has fond memories of her previous experiences performing with The Beards.

"The Beards opened for me on tour a couple of years ago, and some of their fans heckled me for not having a beard," she said.

"This song is my revenge on them.

"Also, it taps into my sick love of Christmas songs.

"It's one of the poppiest, most upbeat songs I've ever written and it's my dream that it gets played at Westfield during extended Christmas shopping hours. Also, it's for charity."


Bowel Cancer Australia's annual fundraising effort, Decembeard, fits perfectly with the single's theme.

This December, people all over the country will be growing their beards - be it downstairs or upstairs - to raise money to fight bowel cancer and help save lives.

Anyone who participates in Decembeard, or sponsors someone involved, will receive a free download of the song. 

Available through iTunes and other outlets from Friday, November 27, all proceeds will be donated to Bowel Cancer Australia. 

However, the best way to purchase the song is with the spirit of Christmas giving in mind, by heading to Bowel Cancer Australia's dedicated website to receive a download in exchange for a donation of any amount, $2 or over.

Kate Miller-Heidke will be performing at the Byron Theatre in Byron Bay on Thursday, February 11. For tickets call 6685 6807

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