Christina makes the exhilarating sea change at Mal Classic

CHRISTINA Dunne shied away from the challenges of the sea for several years.

Now you cannot stop her chasing the surfer's dream.

The 43 year old, who was among those assisting this year's Evans Head Malibu Classic, only took up the sport seriously two years ago.

Evans Head Malibu Classic rides waves of success

Bumps and bruises have followed at times but there is no stopping Dunne when she wants to tackle the waves.

"I love it when you hear people go out saying they'll be back in one hour and you don't see them for three," she said.

"Now I get it. I get that 'just one more last wave' thing.

"I always wanted to do surfing as a kid and now I do it.

"I love it."

Lennox Head-based Dunne, whose partner Matt Moyle is a keen surfer and helps organise the Classic, has rapidly improved her abilities.

"I started in the white water, but now I'm catching some 'greenies'," she said.

"I've come unstuck a few times and got a few bruises to show for it, but it's about getting up and doing it again."

Dunne has now joined Lennox Head's All Girls Surfriders, who have provided her with "great" encouragement to continue surfing.

She said she enjoyed the "adrenaline rush" involved with tackling the challenges of the sea.

"For me, I love that sensation of catching a wave," she said.

"It's you, the wave and the board.

"I can be out there and think, 'oh my gosh, did I just do that'."

Her love of the sea has been reinvigorated.

"Even if the waves are not good, it's good to go out and paddle," she said.

"The only thing you think about is surfing.

"It's really relaxing."

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