Proving with fun activities that Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate is Jodi Robinson.
Proving with fun activities that Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate is Jodi Robinson. Megan Masters

Chocolate... she's apples

YOU may lament the true message of Easter being all but replaced with reproduction-related chocolate confections, but according to dietician Allison Collogan and Artsorted Worx owner Jodi Robinson it might not be a bad idea to begin taking some of the focus back off the chocolate.

And with Australian Bureau of Statistics data pointing to more than a quarter of our children being overweight or obese, more parents are looking to healthier Easter alternatives that don't ruin the fun of the occasion.

Whether it's injecting some structured fun and games into celebrations or substituting a few nutritious treats into the chocolate stockpiles, there are plenty of ways to bring a bit of balance back to Easter celebrations.

Not too many parents would be keen on stuffing the Easter basket with trail mix and muesli bars, but with a 135g milk chocolate egg amounting to 104 minutes of brisk walking and more than a third of your 10-year-old's daily calorie intake, there are plenty of reasons to look for other ways to treat them.

Olga Hansen of Gypsy Gourmet recommends coming to a happy medium with recipes such as chocolate-covered apples.

It's a theory backed up by dietician Ms Collogan who believes that, if you're going to treat yourself this Easter, it's better to do it with a treat that comes with added benefits such as fibre, egg and fruit.

"Keep active. Have a treasure hunt in the morning for the kids, get the kids to decorate egg shells for decorations and plan a picnic in the park with a game of cricket or Frisbee," Ms Collogan said.

"Compensate by planning a healthy seafood salad for lunch or take the dog for a walk to burn off the extra calories and make sure Easter only lasts one day and not an entire week."

Ms Robinson said she and her kids head into Artsorted Worx on Easter to fill up a few hours with games and crafts such as decorating eggs, which offers a good alternative to sitting on the couch in a sugar-induced coma.




  • 6 small granny smith apples
  • 1 block of good quality cooking chocolate
  • 1 cup roughly crushed almonds
  • Pop sticks available from cake decorating stores or chop sticks which work just as well
  • cellophane squares (big enough to enclose the apples)


Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. While the chocolate is melting, line a tray with baking paper and place it in the refrigerator to cool.

Place crushed nuts into a shallow dish. Insert a stick into each apple.

Once the chocolate is melted dip the apple 2/3 of the way in so that you have a nice amount of green showing. Let any excess chocolate to drip off then gently roll in the nuts.

Place on the cooled tray and repeat with the rest of the apples.

When the chocolate has set, place on a square of cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon and there you have it.

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