Chemello moves to make public his register of interests

THE interests of Ipswich administrator Greg Chemello will be made publicly available for residents to access.

Councillors across Queensland are required to keep a register of interests under the Local Government Act.

They list memberships of organisations, a councillor's personal assets, loans, donations and investments.

Ipswich's 11 councillors regularly updated their register of interests.

A spokesman for Ipswich City Council said Mr Chemello, who is not required to make public his interests, will instead do so in the interests of transparency.

As a senior executive of the Queensland public service, the administrator already has an existing declaration of interests register.

"Greg Chemello is not obligated to publish a register of interests in his capacity as Interim administrator as he is not an elected official and has been seconded from the Queensland public service," the council's spokesman said.

"Mr Chemello is in the process of moving house and will update his declaration of interests."

The spokesman said Mr Chemello would make public his declaration of interests in the interests of transparency.

"He has agreed to duplicate this in the Ipswich City Council format and when this is finalised it will be put on council's website," the spokesman said.

The interests of advisory panel members will not be made public, because they have no decision-making powers and cannot enter into contracts or award tenders, the spokesman said.

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