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Charges dropped against man accused of filming in toilets

AN OFFENSIVE glance at a plain clothes police officer led to serious charges for one Northern Rivers man.

But most of Llan Anthony's charges were withdrawn before Lismore Local Court on Friday morning.

The 45-year-old, from Numulgi, appeared in court supported by his partner as prosecutor Carrie-Lee Locke withdrew his more serious charges.

The remaining charge - which he pleaded guilty to - was one count of behaving in an offensive manner.

He had previously also faced charged of committing an act of indecency and filming a person in a private act without consent, but these were dropped.

In relation to his remaining charge, the court heard a plain clothes police officer was attempting to use a urinal when he saw the defendant looking over the top of a cubicle.

Anthony raised his eyebrows at the officer, then disappeared from view, the court heard.

Defence solicitor Eddie Lloyd asked Magistrate David Heilpern to consider sparing her client a conviction.

"It's submitted that the objective seriousness is very low for this type of offence," Ms Lloyd said.

Ms Lloyd spoke of Anthony's good character, citing among other things his contribution to the koala corridor on his property.

She said media attention on the case was "disproportionate" to the offence and that, along with hate mail, Anthony had faced significant punishment outside of the judicial processes.

Ms Locke said it was "very clear" Anthony suffered as a result of the original charges, but said a conviction should be recorded due to one prior offence of offensive conduct.

Mr Heilpern was convinced Anthony suffered extra-curial punishment as a result of the initial, more serious charges.

"We are dealing with, on the yard stick of maximum penalties, a very minor offence indeed," Mr Heilpern said.

"It's also relevant the defendant spent four nights in custody because he never would have, on the basis of the facts that are before me today."

"If this had been the facts that had been presented on day one, he never would have been bail refused."

Mr Heilpern recorded a conviction for behaving in an offensive manner, but did not impose any further penalty.

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