NORTHERN Rivers Paralympic champion, Jacqueline Freney, has been short listed for the International Paralympic Committee's female athlete of the month award.

The winner of the award, which was short listed on the basis of performances at the London 2012 Games, has been put out to public vote and Jacqueline is currently running second behind American cyclist, Muffy Davis.

As of this morning, Muffy Davis has 49.4% of the vote (or 994 votes) compared to Ms Freney's 25.5% (513 votes), meaning she needs to nearly double her vote to reach first place.

While Paralympians rarely receive commercial sponsorship, the award comes with a cash prize and Ms Freney sees it as a chance to offset some of her training and performing expenses.

"At the moment I'm second behind a USA athlete and we can't have that," Ms Freney said on The Northern Star's Facebook page.

The Northern Star last week reported Ms Freney, who lives at Skennars Head and trains at the Lennox and Evans Head aquatic centres, would have come home from London with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank had the same gold medal incentives offered to able-bodied Olympians been in place for Paralympians.

Instead the woman who set a new record for the number of gold medals won in a single games received no financial reward for her victory and has yet to even be offered a corporate sponsorship deal.

If you want to help Jacqueline, visit the International Paralympic Committee webpage and register your vote now - you have until the evening of October 12, our time.


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