Amy Montgomery with her daughter Jordyn.
Amy Montgomery with her daughter Jordyn. The Northern Star

Cesareans by Dr Hasil leaves women scarred

AMY Montgomery, of East Lismore, will undergo an exploratory procedure in three weeks to try to discover if the two miscarriages she has suffered were related to a cesarean performed by former Lismore obstetrician Dr Roman Hasil.

Ms Montgomery underwent a cesarean at Lismore Base Hospital on January 30, 2005, after spending the last two weeks of her pregnancy under Dr Hasil's care.

Initially she thought the cesarean had gone well. Now she is not so sure. The procedure will try to determine whether scar tissue was responsible for her miscarriages.

Another woman from Byron Bay, who did not wish to be named, said she would be visiting a gynaecologist in a week to try to determine whether her inability to fall pregnant was related to a cesarean Dr Hasil performed at the hospital in 2002.

The 38-year-old said although she had a dream pregnancy, the cesarean was very rough.

“It seemed he was in a hurry,” she said. “I felt like my legs were being thrown off the table.”

The woman, who said she had fallen pregnant easily with her first child in 2001, began to suspect something was not right after about three years of trying for another baby.

The woman said she has suffered emotional distress because of her problem, and if Dr Hasil was found to be the cause of it she would be seeking legal advice.

Dr Hasil is being investigated by the Health Care Complaints Commission after 10 North Coast women lodged complaints after reading reports in The Northern Star  earlier this year which revealed Dr Hasil was being investigated for botched sterilisation operations at a New Zealand hospital and for drinking while on duty.

Dr Hasil worked as an obstetrician at Lismore from 2001 to 2005, but left when senior obstetricians felt it was in the hospital's interest he move on.

North Coast Area Health Chief Executive, Chris Crawford, said since Dr Hasil's time things at the hospital had changed.

There was now a clinical governance unit to ensure the hospital delivered services to a high standard, he said.

All staff are now trained to deal with complaints, and all complaints are tracked until there is an outcome.

Casino woman Connie Scholl lodged a complaint against Dr Hasil in 2002.

In June this year, Mr Crawford issued a written apology to Mrs Scholl 'for the way the matter was handled'.

He said he would be willing to apologise to all the women involved once the outcome of the inquiry was handed down.

Dr Hasil is reportedly now living in a homeless shelter in Sydney.

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