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Celebrate with a 'Big Day Out'

Stage 2 at RollerWorld
Stage 2 at RollerWorld
To acknowledge a fantastic term of good and positive behaviour the students at St Brigid’s were congratulated on a great term with a special ‘Rewards Day’ this week.
This term it was a chance for two very different ‘rewards’. Stage 2 and 3 headed to Lismore and tried for a ‘strike’ at ten pin bowling, followed by just trying to stand up at roller skating. Meanwhile Kindergarten and Year’s 1 and 2 headed a bit closer to the coast and had an awesome day out exploring at Macadamia Castle!
It’s been a big term here at St Brigid’s and we look forward to Term 4 which will kick off on Monday 9th October for staff and students. We hit the ground running next term with Stage 3 off to Sydney and Canberra first week back and then into the pool for Intensive Swimming for Stage 1!
For now though, a well-earned break for students and staff!

Large manta ray washes up on North Coast beach

A 2.4 metre manta ray washed up on the beach.

Evans Head resident Ken Miles came across the sea creature last week

Dangerous swell and surf continues on coast

There was a big swell at Snapper Rocks on Tuesday, October 17.

Surfers, boaters, swimmers and fishers to take caution.

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