Cassowary land saved from development

VITAL cassowary habitat in the Daintree that could have been destroyed to make way for houses has been saved by a Mullumbimby-based organisation.

Rainforest Rescue this month finalised the purchase of its 12th property in the Daintree.

It is a 1.3ha pocket of pristine rainforest, home to six threat- ened species.

The block has also been classified by the Queensland Government as essential habitat for the endangered cassowary.

Only about 1000 cassowaries remain in the wild.

Chief executive Kelvin Davies said that was the main reason this particular property was chosen to be protected.

“In the 1980s, before the national park was established, developers bought sections of the rainforest and it was zoned rural residential,” he said.

“Our job is to buy land in these residential precincts to stop houses being built.

“There are 186 blocks in the Daintree that are currently threatened by development.

“Unfortunately we are only able to buy one or two a year, so it’s slow going.”

Rainforest Rescue is able to buy the properties thanks to donations from the community.

“We really need the support of the Australian people,” Mr Davies said.

“We are already looking for the next property we can buy. We’re just looking at which one is the most important.”

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