Casino Village RV Resort pays debt

A FINAL payment on any debt is always a good feeling – and that is what the Casino Village RV Resort felt yesterday when they handed over their cheque to Richmond Valley Council.

A cheque of $99,600 was presented to Mayor Col Sullivan by Les Towell, the chairman of RV Parks Australia, as a final payment in $2.4 million worth of developer contributions.

The company has invested $13.5 million over five years in the resort.

To date, there are around 100 residences on the site for short and long-term visitors.

“We estimate that our residents have invested a further $25 million in the purchase of homes and the furnishing of those homes,” Mr Towell said.

“With a further 100 homes to come on site, the total investment this site generates will be close to $80 million.

“That is a major injection of capital into the Richmond Valley regional economy, where most of these purchases are made.

“On top of this, it is estimated through the residents and tourists brought to Casino and the North Coast by the park, a further $2 million per year will be spent on goods and services."

Despite past criticism of the resort from the community, Col Sullivan has no regrets.

“The original CMCA motorhome park concept has been developed and refined to meet the needs of the travelling public,” Councillor Sullivan said.

“The Richmond Valley Council backed the concept to deliver real benefits and I am proud of what is achieved and is yet to be achieved.

“Six years on, Casino has something of which it can be justifiably proud.”

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