Footbridge higlighted by safety audit

A SAFETY audit conducted in Casino last week has found that Richmond Valley Council should remove the footbridge that crosses the Richmond River.

Crime prevention officer, Senior Constable Michael Hogan, said an audit of the CBD would recommend the footbridge, near the RTA, be replaced with a span bridge.

The current bridge has a number of areas where people approaching and crossing the bridge cannot be seen.

The audit will also recommend the town's alleyways and laneways, of which there are many, be fenced off.

“Some people use concealment for opportunistic crime,” Sen Const Hogan said.

This comes from the NSW Bureau of Crime and Statistics Research which yesterday released figures for the June quarter.

The data shows that for the Richmond Valley local government area, the number of assaults was down 20 per cent over the 24 months to June.

Incidents of stealing from cars were also down 17pc over the same time period.

But Sen Const Hogan said the audit was about looking at ways to make Casino's CBD conducive to people wanting to be there.

“Just people being there reduces crime. They become the ears and the eyes for the police,” he said.

Sen Const Hogan said crime was less likely to occur when people were around.

While doing the audits last week, he was accompanied by two members of Casino Neighbourhood Watch and Richmond Valley Council community projects officer, Joanne Petrovic.

Sen Const Hogan said they inspected alleyways and under awnings.

They also looked at graffiti, street furniture and vegetation.

Vegetation was another problem, with the audit finding that mid-sized plants were proving to be a problem.

“They provide a screen,” Sen Const Hogan said.

Police have been conducting community safety audits for seven years.

Audits will be conducted at Woodburn on September 15 at 3pm and at Evans Head on the same day at 4pm. Local businesses are invited to contribute.

DO YOU FEEL SAFE WHEN YOU'RE IN CASINO'S CBD? Phone 6624 3266 or SMS 0428 264 948

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