Casino RSM Club makes fun of Lismore's 'arty ark'

The Casino RSM Club has assured locals its not building
The Casino RSM Club has assured locals its not building "some abstract artwork”. Cathy Adams

QUESTIONS about a "white structure" at the Casino RSM Club have prompted a cheeky Facebook post which pokes fun at Lismore's "arty ark".

"Don't panic! It's not some abstract artwork which Lismore City Council would have paid $150k for - like a boat that does not float," the post reads.

"It is actually part of Casino RSM Club's strong commitment to the environment."

In what the club claims is an Australian first, or, "dare we say it", world first, Casino RSM has plans to build a 300kW solar shelter over the bowling green.

A development application has been submitted for the site and is already undergoing another solar shelter project at the shopping centre car park.


The club's secretary manager, Neale Genge, said it was a great project for the club and the region.

"At the moment, we are constructing a 100kw solar system car shade, which will be over the shopping centre carpark," Mr Genge said.

"We also are working on a bowling green cover made of solar panels, which will be around a 300kw system."

Mr Genge said the idea behind the solar panel construction was to enable an all year round and all-weather bowls club.

"There is no one else in the Northern Rivers competition that has something like this," he said.

With these two installations Casino RSM is one step closer to being off the electricity grid, which they say is beating other local councils in the area.

"The fact Lismore likes to talk itself up as a solar city ... we are often compared to being the poor cousin to Lismore but we actually get things done over here, we are realistic about business, we don't talk about, it we do it," Mr Genge said.

"What we already have with the club is about 400kw system, we would need roughly 600 to 700kw to get off the grid during the day,"

"However, obviously we are going to have to draw power at night, as our peak energy consumption is 7.30pm."

The car park solar shelter is expected to be completed in the next four to six weeks.

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