Casino firms as Evans eases in pennant bowls

CASINO RSM firmed to defend their Northern Rivers District No 1 pennant bowls title after defeating Ballina 79 (5) to 63 (1) at Ballina on Saturday.

Led by rink winners Richard Latta and Gary Burt, RSM cruised to victory as their major foes Evans Head fell to an unexpected loss.

Evans Head were downed by South Lismore 70 (5) to 58 (1) at South Lismore.

Wayne Morris and Greg Stewart were the heroes for Souths, while John Lang's side managed to win their rink for Evans, which in the wash-up could be very important.

The single point kept Evans within six points of Casino and they have a washed-out match in hand going into the final round this Saturday.

Souths' victory may well have a bearing on the other end of the table as well.

Ballina are now 5.5 points behind Southies in last position, and although the seasiders have a match in hand, they may find it difficult to avoid relegation.

In the other match on Saturday, Lennox Head just got by East Lismore 54 (3.5) to 54 (2.5).

Although the scores were tied, the seasiders earned the extra point because they won two rinks with David Kemp and the young Josh Greenhalgh leading the way.


No 1

SOUTH LISMORE 70 (5) d EVANS HEAD 58 (1): P Hancock B McKendry P Nicholls G Stewart 30 d B Mallett M Lavelle R Montague J Everingham 17; G Walker B Mackney M Timbrell J Weismantel 16 lost to G Pobjie R Greentree K Taylor J Lang 29; C Hogan W Nugent M Thorley W Morris 24 d E Butler W King W Cooper O Dorey 12.

LENNOX HEAD 54 (3.5) d EAST LISMORE 54 (2.5): N Gregor Barry Evans J Calandro D Kemp 22 d R Kirkland A Gaggin N Harding R Pollack 11; R Jones G Ensbey R Foster A Cheli 28 d M Chilcott W Peart A Maloney N Burgess 9; G Simon G Pascoe R Barnes J Greenhalgh 23 d D Foster G Hickey M Daniels R Burgess 15.

CASINO RSM 79 (5) d BALLINA 63 (1): R Latta 35 d C Teys 19; T Scott 30 d B Frame 19; G Burt 25 d V Ross 14.

Pointscore: Casino RSM 35, Evans Head 29*, Lennox Head 25.5*, East Lismore 23*, South Lismore 21.5, Ballina 16* ( * denotes match in hand).

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