Cash for Containers bill to be tabled

A BILL rewarding recyclers for handing in empty drink containers to collection centres around the state will be tabled in NSW Parliament this week.

Cash for Containers mirrors similar initiatives in neighbouring states where families are paid to return their empties at a rate of 10cents per can/bottle.

The bill will be introduced by Greens MP Cate Faehrmann and Independent MP Clover Moore.

On Monday, Ms Moore said it was time NSW "caught up" with other states like South Australia which boasts a recycling rate of more than 80% through its long-running container deposit scheme.

She said she was disappointed the Federal Government had not yet introduced a national CDS but hoped the NSW version would encourage Canberra to follow suit.

She also pointed out that while soft drink companies were historically opposed to collection depots, it was "not as though people in South Australia have stopped using beverages".

Empty drink containers account for more than 30% of litter recovered from Australia's waterways and parklands during events like Clean up Australia.

Ms Faehrmann said it would be in the coalition's interest to allow the bill to pass with ease at a time when they need "some good Green credentials".

Environmental activist Jeff Angel welcomed the announcement on behalf of the Boomerang Alliance which takes in 17 lobby groups.

He said the NSW bill was a good step towards a national CDS, which, if passed, would deliver $1.78billion for recycling within the first five years of operation.

The Federal Government will review the possibility of a national CDS in August this year.

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