Carer ordered to stay away

Carer David Pauley and Joanne McCabe say goodbye outside Casino Courthouse. He is accused of stabbing her in the thigh.
Carer David Pauley and Joanne McCabe say goodbye outside Casino Courthouse. He is accused of stabbing her in the thigh. ROSS IRBY

A CARER accused of stabbing his girlfriend twice in the thigh, said he holds fears for her safetybecause he cannot help her any more.

David Pauley, 44, of Lismore, is pleading not guilty to recklessly causing grievous bodily harm to Joanne McCabe, 37, at Casino on January 24.

As part of his bail conditions Pauley must not go near Ms McCabe who, he said, he had spent 10 years caring for because of her ongoing health problems.

Outside the court Pauley strongly maintained his innocence of the charge.

Anxious and stressed, Ms McCabe sobbed in the Casino courtroom yesterday when Pauley unsuccessfully tried to vary his bail conditions so he could have contact with her.

“There is some hope on MrPauley’s behalf that he can con-tinue living with her,” defencelawyer Ben Cochrane told magistrate Robyn Denes.

“Until the charge is resolved, no. It is very serious,” Ms Denes said.

As Ms McCabe watched anxiously from the public gallery, Mr Cochrane said he had a letter from her stating she was stressed and suffering anxiety by not seeing or being in contact with her official carer.

Ms Denes said the restriction was there for her protection, and also for the protection of Pauley with a number of issues going on.

“At the moment they need to be kept apart,” Ms Denes said.

“Because it involves an allegation of stabbing it takes domestic violence to another level.

“Ms McCabe is the mainwitness in the prosecution case.

“She has made three statements to police if I recall.”

Ms Denes said she could see that Ms McCabe was upset, but it was for her protection.

In police documents before the court Pauley is accused of stabbing her in the Winston Street house they shared in Casino.

Police found ‘a blood trail’ between the house and front gate.

A black-handled knife with a bent 10cm blade was found on a window sill.

Police state Ms McCabe first told them she did it herself, then told them Pauley stabbed her.

In a third account she told police Pauley took a knife off her and when he attempted to stab the lounge had accidentally stabbed her.

The case was adjourned to March 17.

Later outside the court Ms McCabe lifted her dress to display two stab wounds on her upper thigh.

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