Car theft a pointless act

A CABARITA paramedic will be adding to his mounting post-Christmas debt after thieves stole and torched his car early on Monday.

Jesse Gray lost valuable equipment vital to his job and his young children’s car safety seats when his vehicle was ‘wastefully and pointlessly’ stolen in the dead of night before being left smouldering in bushland near Hastings Point, south of Tweed Heads.

“Being just after Christmas I already have all this extra debt,” the 29-year-old said.

“I was already looking at tightening my budget for a few months to get rid of some of it, but now I’m going to have to do something much more drastic.”

Mr Gray had also recently cut back his work to part-time to spend more time with his children, Harper, 3, and Georgie, 5.

He found the burnt-out 1994 Subaru Liberty himself about 10.30am yesterday.

“I don’t know what they would have gotten out of it. It’s wasteful and pointless destruction,” Mr Gray said.

“It was hard to tell because it was so badly burnt, but I knew it was my car the second I saw it.

“It’s not enough to ruin my life, but it’s still a pain in the neck.”

After notifying Tweed Heads police of the stolen car he went on an expedition with his two children around the Tweed Coast to look for it.

“I know cars being stolen and burnt out happens a lot in these areas so I thought I would go look for it myself,” Mr Gray said.

It was the chance sighting of his son’s flip-flops on the side of Tweed Coast Road that led Mr Gray to his burnt-out vehicle.

“I pulled over and went to check it out. I recognised it as Harper’s because of the colour and the level of wear and tear on it,” Mr Gray said.

The discovery at Hastings Point soon took him down a dirt road into bushland where the car was set on fire and abandoned.

Thieves had stolen the vehicle sometime between midnight and 6am yesterday.

Mr Gray made the discovery when he woke up.

He was unsure if the vehicle was locked.

“I think everyone should be more vigilant and lock their cars every time. I hope people can learn from what happened to me,” he said.

Mr Gray said he would be able to borrow his mother’s car for the week.

“I will be okay because I’ve got good support from my family, but some others would be at a complete disadvantage if this happened to them,” he said.

“I think I will be car shopping by the time the weekend gets here.”

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