Steve Cansdell
Steve Cansdell JoJo Newby

Cansdell in firing line

SHOTS were being fired yesterday from all angles at disgraced former Clarence MP Steve Cansdell and current Attorney General Greg Smith after revelations Mr Cansdell may escape prosecution for falsifying a statutory declaration.

Radio, newspapers, television and online media were abuzz with discussions about the Steve Cansdell saga, with most people outraged that as Mr Cansdell signed a Commonwealth statutory declaration he won't be charged under state law as it falls outside NSW jurisdiction.

Sydney talkback radio host John Laws entered the debate yesterday morning and was followed by shock jock Ray Hadley who were both critical of the NSW DPP's decision not to prosecute Mr Cansdell.

Eighteen hours after the story went live on the Daily Examiner website, 32 people had registered comments, all outraged that Mr Cansdell may not be charged due to a technicality.

Suffernofools from Maclean got the debate started soon after the story went live with "You have got to be kidding. Justice Einfeld spent jail time for the same (proven) charge...".

Swingingvoter of Palmers Island said: "This is a disgrace.

"Apparently Steve Cansdell has not even had his driving licence suspended as would have happened if he had not lied."

Opposition spokesperson Nathan Rees accused the O'Farrell Government of covering up the Cansdell affair.

"The legal advice to us, based on what we have been told, is that there are sufficient grounds for actions to be brought under state law," Mr Rees said.

"The evidence on the basis of what's been reported and what Mr Cansdell has said publicly is very clear.

"This isn't an issue about whether he did or didn't do something wrong. He's conceded that.

"He's resigned from Parliament and was very upfront, to his credit, to the local police, instead six months on no action.

"The actual breaches are of state law.

"Trying to flick it onto the Commonwealth is simply not on."

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