Cannabis facility something Casino can be proud of: YOUR SAY

WHEN news broke this morning of plans for a $50 million medicinal marijuana facility to be built at Casino, our Facebook readers were overwhelmingly in support of the idea.

Here's what you had to say:

Brooke Cotten: "Just a shame wasted resources are spent sending the (Nimbin lane) boys to prison when this is all they were doing in the first place. And cool. Go Canada. Why not the Aussies who would have just as much knowledge."

Shayne Coward: " Why a Canadian and not Australian company? Its not like you need expertise it pretty much grows itself."

Tony Martin: "They (the Canadian company) have the technology to do it, has been legal for many years there. Not too many Australian companies are, otherwise they would have done it by now."

Gillian Lobegeier: "It's about time our GPs saw the benefits of prescribing medicinal cannabis to chronic pain patients. Even though it is becoming legal in Australia, it appears GPs are reluctant to prescribe medicinal cannabis."

Dave Turner: "About time. It will also be the bud capital of Australia. Finally, something for them to be proud of."

Cindy McHattan: "Better than Beef Queen."

Madamoth Kate: "Just don't see why they can't let Aussies grow it and have to bring in a large Canadian company."

Allyson Kate Mcardle: "Could also be because this company has done research in their country and instead of Australia having to restart all the research, they're starting where they've left off in Canada. Doesn't mean they won't hire any Australians though."

John Heaton: "Great for Casino, great for the Northern Rivers, great for people who will benefit from using medicinal cannabis."

Michael McCaughey: "Fine, except that now that medicinal cannabis laws have been charged, education of law-makers, doctors and suppliers has to progress earnestly. No point having a supplier, if doctors won't prescribe."

Justin Collins: "It's going to create more jobs for locals and the surrounding areas too."

Leanda Headford: "Good to hear."

Eliza Warick: "About time."

Public areas and sport facilities benefit from $745k funding

premium_icon Public areas and sport facilities benefit from $745k funding

"End products from these grants will be high-calibre open spaces"

$30,000 handed out to community groups

$30,000 handed out to community groups

Small grants have big impact on local communities

Goal to virtually eliminate HIV transmission by 2020

Goal to virtually eliminate HIV transmission by 2020

$21.9 million to strengthen HIV testing, treatment and prevention

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