Mayoral candidate denies posting 'crawling drunk' video

A BUDDING Ipswich mayoral candidate has posted a questionable video of a young woman crawling drunk along a road on a social media account linked to his business.

But he claims his social media account was hacked - despite the video being removed immediately after the Queensland Times made inquiries about it.

Mayoral candidate Gary Duffy uploaded the video 11 months ago to a You Tube account set up in the name of his business - Ikutec Pty Ltd in East Ipswich.

The video showed a clearly inebriated young woman crawling on her hands and knees along a road in a rural location under the heading 'drunk.'

Mr Duffy, who has three children including a daughter, said he was not aware of the video when the QT contacted him.

He claimed he could not see the video on his account or computer despite being sent a link to it.


POLL: Do you think it is appropriate a mayoral candidate has a video like this linked to his social media account?

"I do not recall that post - other people have access to my account, so I must have been hacked," he said.

"Someone must have uploaded the video to my account pretending to be me.

"We have been hacked numerous times over the past two years.

"It only started to happen since I started questioning the actions of a certain mayor."

Ipswich Liquor Industry Action Group president Mark Hennelly said it was disappointing an adult had posted something like this online.

He said everyone, irrespective of their standing in the community, had a responsibility to ensure alcohol was not consumed to excess.


"I do not like seeing any footage of anyone inebriated by alcohol placed on social media," he said.

"I do not think it sends the right message."

Mr Duffy's biography on his Facebook mayoral candidacy page says he is involved in several domestic violence victims' support groups.

Government statistics show alcohol plays a major role in domestic violence situations - an issue currently being tackled at a national level.

Mr Duffy refused to answer questions about whether he believed the video was appropriate for a mayoral candidate to post online.

Do you think it is appropriate a mayoral candidate has a video like this linked to his social media account?

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