Can Wildcats scratch out another success?

PERTH Wildcats coach Trevor Gleeson says the high quality of this season's imports will make this NBL campaign the most exciting and entertaining for fans in years.

Reigning champion Perth opens the season against the New Zealand Breakers, who have reactivated the NBL career of crack American point guard Cedric Jackson.

Jackson took them to the NBL title in 2012 and carried off the League's coveted MVP award.

"He will make a difference to them, big time," Gleeson told APN ahead of the season tip-off tomorrow night.

"He's a very smart guard and a great defender, he's first class."

Gleeson said the standard of imports this season had "gone through the roof".

"Our ex-import James Ennis signed with Miami Heat during the off-season as a second round draft pick," he added.

"We have a new import DeAndre Daniels, who was a second-round draft pick for the Toronto Raptors.

"He's going to be good for us and hopefully he can make the NBA next year like Ennis did.

"The imports in the NBL this year as the best I've seen since I started as a development coach with Brian Kerle at the Brisbane Bullets in 1996-97.

"There's some ex-boomers players who been playing in Spain, so the quality has certainly taken a big leap."

Going back-to-back won't be easy, although Gleeson has eight of his starting 10-man roster to work with.

Sydney Kings import Josh Childress is generating a lot of interest as arguably the biggest name to play in the NBL. The 31-year-old small forward is a former number-six draft pick and has played 400-plus NBA games for four clubs, including the Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, Brooklyn Nets and New Orleans Pelicans.

Gleeson said if Perth wanted another title they had to go out and fight for it.

"This is a new team and a new chapter and we're after another title," he said.

"We won't be sitting back and defending anything.

"We will be out chasing a new championship.

"Adelaide and Melbourne will be there, New Zealand have re-tooled and Sydney have loaded up with some new import and Cairns are very talented and Townsville won the Blitz.

"It's going to be a tough one to win."

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