Byron paid parking starts next Wednesday

THE new Byron Bay town centre pay parking scheme will be rolled out in two stages from Wednesday, December 23.

The first stage will include pay parking at on-street one hour and two hour locations at $3 per hour.

The machines will only accept coins during stage one.

During this first stage, Council's existing pay car parks will remain as they currently operate; that is with a four hour time limit, charged at $4 per hour and meters accepting both coin and card.

The second stage will be in the new year with four hour and all day parking sites incorporated into the new $3 per hour pay parking scheme.

The 4 hour areas and all day sites will be capped at $10 and $20 per day respectively.

The second stage will also see the council managed car parks become available for all day parking.

Plus in the new year, all metered sites will accept payment in coins and credit card.

During both stages, the pay parking Exemptions will be in effect for Byron Shire residents and ratepayers ($50 per year), workers employed at a fixed address in the pay parking area ($100 per year) but live outside of Byron Shire, and businesses and volunteers organisation within the pay parking area ($100 per vehicle per year).

Byron Shire pensioners can also get an Exemption for no cost.

Everyone who has purchased an Exemption will be able to enter their number plate at the pay parking machines and pay no more.

Time limits will still apply for on-street car parking and within the car parks.

Exemptions can be purchased online at

Council's infrastructure services director, Phillip Holloway, said the new scheme will be effective once the 'Meter Registration' signage is installed.

"Council has adopted a pay-by-plate approach, so once the new signs are installed it will require the occupants of the parked vehicle to ensure its licence plate number is entered into the nearest parking meter," he said.

"By doing so the meter will recognise which licence plate holds an exemption, meaning no more to pay. Time limits will still apply".

Council's traffic and transport officer Simon Bennet said the Exemptions were proving very popular with residents.

"We've had over 3,000, or two thirds, of the Resident Parking Coupon holders who've chosen to upgrade to the new Exemption," Mr Bennett said.

"Plus, there have been 1,200 new Exemption applications."

For those sticking with old Resident Parking Coupon scheme, they can (until their coupon expires) continue to park in the Council managed car parks but will have to pay for on-street parking if needed. For some, only using the Council car parks will suit their needs as perhaps they do not come into Byron Bay very often, or it's mainly after 6pm.

Businesses who operate within the pay parking area, or have a business within Byron Shire that have trade vehicles that need to park in the town centre, will also be able to apply for a business account at $100 per vehicle.

Volunteer organisations at a fixed address within the Byron Bay pay parking area can also apply to set up a business account at $100 per vehicle per year.

Resident Parking Coupons will no longer be valid within National Parks car parks in Byron.

The new Byron Bay Pay Parking scheme is part of Council's Fit for the Future improvement program.

"With over 900,000 plus day trippers coming into Byron Bay each year, most of the pay parking revenue is expected to come from this group," Mr Holloway said.

"It's anticipated that Council will raise over $2 million annually from pay parking with the funds going back into improving Bay Bay's roads, footpaths, parks, public amenities and community infrastructure."

You can find out more about Byron Shire's Pay Parking at

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