Byron Bay sex school to launch in July

Kristin Murray of Byron Bay will open a women's centre in early July.
Kristin Murray of Byron Bay will open a women's centre in early July. Contributed

A FRUSTRATING sex life in her early 20s led Kristin Murray to launching her own sex workshops at Byron Bay.

The 30-year-old will share teachings on "sacred sexuality", or Yoni, at weekend and year-long courses at The Women's Shack starting July 3.

Ms Murray first established herself as a go-to on all things orgasm and romance at Red Tent feminist gatherings.

There, she told attendees about how she moved on from disappointing orgasms and a lack of connection with her partners.

"I met a beautiful man who taught me about Tantra, breastwork and bringing presence into my sexual experiences, and it blew my mind," Ms Murray said.

"I kept exploring, finding new teachers, and people started coming to me with questions about their bodies.

"Some heard there was a G-spot but didn't know where it was and others didn't like their genitals.

"I felt compelled to help women to fall in love with their bodies and to make this my life's work."


Kristin Murray of Byron Bay will open a women's centre in early July.
Kristin Murray of Byron Bay will open a women's centre in early July. Contributed

Ms Murray hopes her upcoming Journey to the Sexual Self workshops will help to address some concerns.

Female and male anatomy, art therapy, vagina massage, penis massage, O-orgasms, breathing orgasms and intimacy exercises will be included.

Attendees will be taught how to avoid 'goal orientated' experiences and increase eye contact during love-making "because everyone might want to be intimate but they're scared of each other".

"The porn industry has done it's damage in so many aspects," she said.

"Guys who have watched porn have developed strong neural pathways and can now be excited by something on a screen but when they're with their partners they can't get aroused.

"That can take away from the deep connection that you can have with a lover.

"Social media can take us away from reality to an idealised version of how were supposed to be when in reality it's just not like that."

Ms Murray was against 50 Shades of Grey BDSM-style relationships.

"Role play can be a really beautiful thing but there can be a dark side.

"It can be a tricky game with gateways into all sorts of other kinks which are unhealthy.

"To play the (dominant) role can be beautiful but it doesn't have to lead to pain and a disconnect where you have to become brutal to feel anything.

"The underlying issue there is the person is steered away from pain that could arise by facing reality."

The Women's Shack will be offering Yoni massage, Mayan abdominal massage, Yoni steaming, private massage, acupuncture and support groups for all aspects of womanhood.

This includes "self-love" courses for tweens, teens, pre/post abortion support groups, post-natal groups, moon time circles, yoga, singing circles and dance nights.

The Journey to the Sexual Self workshops are held monthly, go for 10 hours and are $170 for early bird sign ons.

Contact:, or, and by phone or text 0468496807.

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