Yummy garlic prawns.
Yummy garlic prawns. Contributed

Buy local to boost taste

Supermarkets are overrun with cheap imports that are helping to do Australians out of jobs.


As I write frequently in this column, buy when you can from farm gates, local farmers' markets or shops that feature local foods. It's difficult when we are tempted by price slashing as we have seen recently with the Big Two's milk wars, but you are buying a possibly inferior product and driving down the amount of money that ends up in the pockets of our few remaining dairy farmers. As my dear former neighbour, third-generation dairy farmer Cyril James said to me once, "You don't do dairy farming for the money; it's a way of life."


Anecdotal evidence exists that cheap milk doesn't "perform" as well, particularly when frothed for a coffee. Hardly a drama in the overall scheme of things, but if we continue to buy into the supermarket price war and purchase these products, we will drive our precious dairy farmers out of business and then where will we be? Forced to import, as we are with so many other goods.


The same applies to fresh seafood. We can buy cheaper frozen products from Vietnam and China, but for a few dollars more we can buy fabulous fresh seafood caught almost literally on our doorstep.


Yes, it is more expensive, but the quality is far superior to the frozen-then-thawed varieties that are flown in from Asia, caught in far-from-pristine waters.


Today's recipe is for barbecued garlic prawns. As with all skewered foods destined for the barbie, if you are using bamboo skewers, soak them for as long as possible prior to use (at least one hour). It stops the ends of the skewers from becoming smoking stumps. If you forget, just wrap the blunt ends in a tiny bit of aluminium foil so you will have something substantial to hang on to. Metal skewers can also be used, but the prawns will cook more quickly so shorten the length of time they are on the grill.


I like my garlic prawns fairly full-on, so I have designated four cloves of garlic here. If you like a milder dose, reduce the number of cloves to two or three. Either way, you won't have any vampires knocking on the door.

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