Turkey toys for Rally drivers

WORLD Rally Championship drivers will be talking turkey for a long time to come after a visit to Kyogle this week.

A couple of enterprising local businesswomen were at Kyogle High School on Tuesday to present visiting drivers with personalised souvenir stuffed toy turkeys.

Mandy McKeown and Pam Sedgmen, of the mixed business Turkey Lurkey and Earthly Instincts, have only had their shop open in the main street for five weeks, but made the most of their opportunity to get to the drivers who were at the school to plant a 'rally garden'.

Once the significance of turkeys to Kyogle was explained (the town's name is derived from the Aboriginal word 'Kaiou gal' meaning the place of the plain turkey) the drivers were happy to receive such a strange gift.

“Most of the drivers though were absolutely great,” Ms McKeown said.

“Pam had personalised it with their names and the flags of their countries and they were so excited about that.”

One driver was so enthusiastic he immediately hung it around the rear vision mirror of his car, while Spain's Dani Sordo found a nest for his turkey in his pocket.

“As a business we wanted to welcome them and Pam had the turkeys made for the event,” Ms McKeown said.

The business partners have also decked out their shop with rally gear including checkered flags and a signed Citroen jacket. .

They have left no doubt that they are 'pro rally'.

“We are in a small town and it will be a good boost to the economy,” Ms McKeown said.


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