Businesses should 'Mind the Gap'

BUSINESSES are being warned to be aware of the gap in understanding between them and the Employment Industry.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) is letting the business sector know that they need to change the way they think when it comes to employing staff, or they might get caught out.

The ACCI's national campaign entitled 'Employ outside the box' aims to educate employers of the need to starting considering a broad range of workforce options rather than the traditional narrow approaches to recruitment.

Mr Peter McMullin, the Chair of ACCI's Employment Education and Training Committee recently said at the event's launch that 'Employ Outside the Box' encourages employers to develop innovative strategies to attract and retain valued employees to bolster Australia's flagging participation rate.

"Australia needs to increase participation amongst mature aged people, women with caring responsibilities, indigenous Australians, people with a disability, and from the unemployed including youth," he said.

"As the Australian population increasingly gets older (those aged 65 to 84 will double over the next 40 years, and those 85-plus will quadruple), businesses are being reminded that traditional pools of talent will become harder to access as the void left by the population growth becomes more apparent.

The ACCI's chief executive, Peter Anderson added: "It makes good business sense for the Australian business community to consider their options for diversifying their workforce.

"Employing outside the box is not about businesses acting as charities or taking over government's role in supporting our most disadvantaged.

"Instead it is about businesses meeting their skills and labour needs by engaging people who they may not have previously considered but who are willing and able to do the job."

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