Businesses lacking technology to work remotely

NEW research has revealed Australian small business owners are spending half the working week on the road but that they lack the technology to support these operations away from the office.

Out of Office Nation is the Telstra report based on a survey of more than 1000 Australian small business owners.

The research found many small business owners worked 20 hours per week away from the company premises but are restricted due to poor access to technology.

The research highlighted that of those surveyed:

76% of small businesses are unable to access business critical files and data while travelling;

36% believe they could run their business more efficiently if they had access to better technology;

More than 40% say their businesses' ability to expand is hampered as there is no person to replace them while they are away from the office.

Kris Carver, area general manager Sunshine and Central Coasts said small businesses continued to look for ways to maximise productivity and improve customer service.

The right technology to work remotely was now an essential tool of the trade.

"Our research found that 37% of small business owners are so focused on the day-to-day running of their business that at times they can feel frustrated by the amount of time they had to spend in the office," Mr Carver said.

"Mobility is no longer a preference for any business.

"It is a key requirement to remain competitive and our goal is to provide the tools and technology to enable this.

"Small businesses need to take the time to talk to their technology provider about the range of options now available to them that will ensure they can operate even more effectively while on road.

"Mobile broadband can provide access to apps which allow on-the-job forms to be completed electronically.

"This includes capturing the signatures of clients and attaching documents digitally to reduce field team paperwork."

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