Hills take obstacle in stride

YOU ARE having a bad day. Make that one of the worst days of your life.

Have a read of our front-page story today about the Busbys Flat family who lost everything to thieves and your 'worst' day is probably not looking so bad.

You can't help but feel sorry for the Hill family. All the stress and emotion of trying to build your own home, struggling with a

problem pregnancy, having a 'run-in' with your boss. And then to top it all off, a couple of mongrels steal all the materials for your new home. They even took the cups.

To achieve the dream of having their own house complete the family will now have to claw and scrape to find the money to replace the expensive items stolen.

At least the insurance will cover some of what they have lost, but it won't be enough to fix everything. It would be nice to see some local businesses step in and help them out.

The Hills worked hard to get to a point where they could afford their own home.

Now that has all been stripped away by some heartless thugs. I bet Mr Hill wishes he could have a couple of words with the


It's hard to think positively when you get a slap in the face like the Hills have had.

How low can people get?

But the Hills are still able to rise above the loss, comforted by the fact they have each other. Some people really do have the strength to take anything in their stride.

Police are investigating the theft and are warning all rural landholders in the area to make sure their properties are secure.

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