Placing indoor plants on a table can make an attractive decorative feature.
Placing indoor plants on a table can make an attractive decorative feature. imnoom

Bring the great outdoors inside

WHY not bring the greenness and beauty of a garden indoors?

There is a wide range of decorative exotics, ferns and palms that are suitable to be grown inside in our climate.

Because of their semi permanence they become part of your interior decor.

Pot plants are ideal for flat/unit dwellers, office decoration (I just recently assisted our son to set up his office in Ballina with lovely greenery) and places with small yards.

Plants in pots can replace flowers as they are less time consuming.

To maintain indoor plants in good health some care is needed, however.

Location, location, location

Prime consideration is placement of the plant. A position should be chosen and then you need to select a plant suited for that location as well as the right pot or container.

Containers come in numerous designs and a variety of materials but drip trays or saucers are definitely needed. Always good to have a layer of gravel or rocks in your drip tray or saucer as this allows drainage so the container does not sit in water.

As part of your interior decoration you can use your indoor plants as independent objects, just like you’d use an ornament or a picture.

Decorate by placing plants singly or in groups at floor level or elevate them on a table or dresser. It’s a matter of your own personal taste. So go ahead and be artistic, the effects can be quite pleasurable.

Good results can be obtained from indoor plants in spite of the severe conditions they are quite often subjected to.

Plants get used to there environment so don’t rush yours outdoors to get some rain or change their position just for visitors. A nice airy room is the best for them.

Don’t forget food and water

Potting indoor plants is no different to any other potted plant so use a good draining potting mix.

Use a good-size pot and give plenty of room in this pot for your plant. Larger pots don’t dry out so quickly.

Indoor plants need regular watering due to being in a dry environment. Don’t over water when your plant is inactive – that is, in winter.

Like all plants, they like a feed so fertilising as per the information on packaging should be adhered to.

Plants for your pad

Here are a few beauties for inside: Kentia palms, parlour palms, cascade palms, cane palms etc, madonna lilies of all sizes, decorative figs, calatheas, zanzibar gem and philodendrums

Nurseries also have a range of indoor plants in hanging pots such as peperomia and, of course, don’t forget there are some lovely ferns as well.

Ed’s note: You can hear Leon talk gardening on Paradise FM 101.9 on Saturday mornings.

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