'Definitely mould': Public housing health crisis

Adam the Mould Guy owner Adam Wijeyekoon assists Goonellabah resident Sharon Young with mould underneath her house.
Adam the Mould Guy owner Adam Wijeyekoon assists Goonellabah resident Sharon Young with mould underneath her house. Marc Stapelberg

ACCORDING to Adam the Mould Guy saying there was no mould in Sharon Young's Lismore home was "like saying there is no salt in the ocean".

Adam Wijeyekoon said there was no denying the Campbell Crescent residence had a mould problem.


Mr Wijeyekoon visited Ms Young's home yesterday, after a NSW Family and Community Services spokesman said they found no mould on the premises in their inspection last Thursday.

"As with previous inspections of the home, no evidence of mould was found inside the dwelling," NSW FACS spokesman said.

"There was evidence of a stain caused by a previous water leak in the sub-floor area under the house."

Ms Young said she couldn't believe it was not mould under her home as she has continually been admitted to hospital for suspected mould poisoning. Enter Adam the Mould Guy.

"By getting the mould man around to get his assessment and some paper work off him then we might have a bit more of an argument," Ms Young said.

Mr Wijeyekoon confirmed her suspicions and treated her home with a bacteria based treatment to get rid of the problem.

"The product we use is completely non-toxic, extremely effective and very inexpensive with a large home treated in less than two hours," he said.

"However, if Ms Young has got a moisture issue from leaking plumbing under the house then I wouldn't give it any more than three months before I have to come back."

Ms Young said she was extremely grateful.

"I knew it was mould personally but I am stoked to get a verification that it is mould after housing came to me telling me there is no mould underneath my house," Ms Young said.

"The fact that my lungs will improve a little bit and I will start improving in health is such a blessing."

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