Boys find honesty has its own reward

ACCORDING to Mark Twain, truth is the most valuable thing we have.

I agree, but I also think $100,000 could console as a worthy runner-up.

The two boys, who found $100,000 at Tuntable Falls recently, must have heard Twain's words and agreed, as they handed the money into local police.

I can imagine the temptation to grab the cash and run would have been quite strong, or perhaps only tempting to someone with less of a moral compass than the honest twins.

But their honesty has paid off with a 'reward' offered to them from national media, happy to pay a lump sum for an interview with the pair.

I don't usually approve of people getting paid thousands of dollars to give an exclusive story to the highest bidder, but in this case I can't see any harm.

The boys accidentally became sort after prey for the Sydney media after they found the money, but it wasn't like the brothers were seeking their five minutes of fame. So I hope they spend their money well.

What I don't condone is shady celebrities getting paid a lot more money for revealing their 'secrets', or even selling new baby photos to magazines - that's when I find these deals reprehensible.

Not only do they already 'earn' more than most people on the planet, some are more than happy to throw the privacy of their own children out the window for the right price and a front cover.

It's good to see the little guy win sometimes, and see that honesty also has its own reward.

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