Boyd makes a point in first pro bout

LIKE the Sylvester Stallone character in the Rocky movies, Ballina boxer John Boyd refuses to give up after a points decision went against him in his first-ever professional fight on Friday.

Boyd, who works as stablehand at Danny Bowen's stables in Ballina, lost to the more experienced journeyman, Hunter Sam, in the cruiserweight division at the Irish Club in Brisbane on Friday night.

The judges may have given the decision against the 30-year-old novice, but it's hardly dented his enthusiasm for donning the gloves again and seeking a rematch with Sam.

The bout went the distance and there were no knockouts over the four three-minute rounds.

Boyd said that after the first round, he was the more aggressive boxer and managed to open up a cut above Sam's eye.

“He came out and tried to pummel me in the first round and knock me out, but he wasn't going to do that,” a defiant Boyd said.

“He tried different tactics in the second round; he started boxing a bit more.

“I was a bit more aggressive and had him on the back foot. I was trying to get on the front foot a bit more and I noticed that the sting had gone out of his punches.

“Rounds three and four, we just slugged it out. It was close, but the judges decided to give the decision to him.”

Eight of Boyd's fellow workers travelled to Brisbane to watch the bout and he wore the Bowen stable colours into the ring.

“It was good to have a few supporters up there because he (Sam) was the home-town hero and there were a lot of people there to watch him,” Boyd said.

Boyd quit his job at the Ballina Seagulls Leagues Club and joined Bowen's stables so that he could work early in the morning and then have the rest of the day to train.

He has decided to pursue his dream of boxing professionally because he didn't want to wake-up one day and say 'what if'.

“I'm just happy to get my first fight out of the way,” he said.

“There were big wraps on this fella and, hopefully, we can have a rematch next month. I'd be happy with that.”

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